Divergent Thinking

 Assume that you are a manager assembling your team to discuses with some problem and find a solution for stated problem.

First manager disclose the problem and he will dictate solution also everyone agree and disassemble. 

Second the moment manager disclose problem only senior or experience people suggest one or two solution every one take side of each solution finally manager decide which is suitable. 

Third manager disclose the problem   some limited solution will come and they debate each other finally meeting goes on endless.

Ninety nine percentage of meeting fall on above category called convergent thinking. 

Only one out of millions of meeting will go for divergent thinking and find untested new idea/solution for stated problem. 

What is divergent thinking?  

Convergent thinking is a process of finding untested or different or new creative idea for particular problem.  

Normally people starts think only limited with their foundry. 

Example: if any one asks you to find out ways to go Railway station from your home first you list out four or five way which you go by bus or train or two-wheeler but you can make out more than hundred ways to reach a particular destination if you think divergently. Normally no one does find hundred ways because we satisfied with existing ways and also is not needed but in real business scenario people who think divergently alone can succeed.  

Google, I pad and HP is not first to the market they enter late but succeeded because they find new/untested method to reach target group. 

Methods and techniques of divergent thinking 

  • Brainstorming – (ice breaking  session)
  • Breaking component into section for modular analysis
  • Thinking with out boundary
  • Sit alone and think 10 – 15 minute then write down all the possible solution (points) discards first 15 points because those points will think every one remaining point is radical and untested 

Value of divergent thinking 

Allow us to think differently and find new untested solution. 

Similar kind of nature product facing competition in the market any one want to come out of competition need to think divergently  

Example: Pepsi and coca cola similar kind of product Pepsi came out of competition because they introduce new variety of product sports drink, fruit drink etc  

Divergent thinking also got its own negative part like cant take quick decision for problem. Some time we think not workable and not feasible idea. 


Recent time people from different field start thinking divergently and finding untested solution we are reefing the benefit so start thinking differently and divergently.